Seeking Happiness

I'm really enjoying the book about seeking happiness that I bought last week. It's opened my eyes and most importantly made me feel like perhaps I'm not the worst parent in the world or the most miserable human being to ever walk the earth.

In one chapter she examines what hobbies make us happy and comes to the conclusion that the kinds of things we think we want to do is not necessarily what makes us happy. So I was thinking about this this week. I've always thought that maybe one day I'd return to skydiving. Mainly because I love skydivers (they are wonderful people) and the adrenaline rush after you've landed is not something that could ever be beaten. But you know what? It scares the crap out of me and I don't want to do it. The same can be said for climbing a high mountain and water skiing. Other things I always thought I'd get good at one day but probably won't? Cooking, enjoying classical music and opera, learning to sew, skiing, going to the gym, and playing with lego. I really have no desire to do these things. They do not make me happy.

What makes me really happy is reading, gardening and hiking. I also love to read with my kids and draw with them. I enjoy making crafts with them and taking them outdoors. I do not like crawling round on the floor playing with blocks. Not do I like pretending to be a power ranger (sorry Jack) but that's probably because I'm 42 and don't look great in lycra. I also really enjoy organizing my photos and music and making projects with them. I rarely make the time to do that and I should. At this point in my life maybe I can accept that I'm not going to do those other things in life and maybe concentrate on things I know makes me happy? Just "Be Pam" as the author suggests.

I know it looks like dirty dish water but I really like root-beer floats

What's not to love about rambling through the countryside?

I would love to hear from other bloggers about what makes them genuinely happy. And what things they might just accept that they'll never do in life, because, well, they just don't want to.


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