Friday, October 14, 2011

Remember the Alamo! (actually I don't)

I am on my way to San Antonio, Texas for a work thing. If I get a few minutes I might try and wander over the the Alamo again and soak up a bit of American history. I went with Craig 10 years ago but I can't remember much detail - too many glasses of wine, crazy kids and old age dead brain cells have occurred since then. Ozzy Osbourne, in his heyday, once woke up plastered next to the Alamo and peed on it, not realising what it was. I think he was banned from Texas for a couple of decades for that one. I certainly won't be getting up to those kind of shenanigans, especially since I'm officially off wine. Two weeks today since I've had a glass! Not that I'm giving up alcohol altogether I may add. As my friend posted on their facebook page yesterday, "no great story ever started with eating a salad"

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3 Month Catch-up

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