First Sleep-Over

Tonight Jack will be having his first sleep-over at a friend's house and I don't know who's more nervous - him or me. We've had a sleep-over with a friend at our house and he's been without me for a few nights while I've been away at some work-related thing, but this is the first time I'm having to completely trust that he's staying at someone else's house and going to be okay. I do trust the other people by the way, as much as any parent can. When I was a kid I used to love spending the night at my Auntie May's house with my cousin Julie. We'd have a ball and I never wanted to go home. I don't remember ever asking for my mum to come and get me but I'll have to run that one by my mum for verification. I also don't remember how old I was.  Maybe I was older than six. No doubt I'll have my cell phone next to me all night in case I get the call.
But what to do with Daniel for the night? He gets to have his mum and dad all to himself for a few hours so must make sure he has fun. It'll also be the first time alone in his bedroom. Gulp.


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