Lost a bit of Faith in Humanity

Do you remember that movie Falling Down with Michael Douglas? Well yesterday threw me a few curve balls  & just about put me over the edge.

First of all, someone at work told me that they didn't like my new haircut. Now I'm not overly keen myself since my hairdresser lopped so much off (we were chatting and she got carried away) but really - how useful is a comment like that? It's not like I can do anything about it now, other than feel that I'm wandering about with a shit haircut.

Then I got harassed by trolls on a Facebook forum. I didn't even know what the term troll meant until a friend at the park tonight told me it was a classic case of Internet trolls causing a fight. It just went on and on and on until this afternoon I just went back and deleted the original thread.  It was actually very upsetting and draining and as strong as I am I have to admit they got to me. Damn, no wonder teenagers get so wrapped up and depressed about that stuff.

I thought a trip to the pool after work might help with it being 90 degrees and we are all a bit frayed with the recent hot weather. When I got there I realised I'd left the sun cream at home so went to the pool shop and the poor girl (she was new) kept me waiting for 20 minutes because the cream had no price on it and the boss wouldn't get back to her on the phone. In the end I persuaded her to accept $12 for a small tube because I still hadn't had dinner at this point and my family was waiting to jump in the water.

On the way to the pool we realised that we had left Jack's big orange inflatable piranha at the poolside the night before so we checked the lost & found container but it wasn't in there. When I got back from the long wait in the pool shop, Craig told me that a young boy of about 8 had the piranha but when Craig had approached him he'd said "It's mine. I bought it".  By this point I am ready to murder someone so I rolled up my imaginary Popeye sleeves and stomped off to the orange piranha I can see bobbing about at the other side of the pool. I called the boy over and told him to give it back. He tried to argue with me a couple of times but when I asked him to get out of the water so I could talk to his mum he did a big huff, conceded and gave it back. Little bugger.  It made me feel marginally better but not much.

In the whole scheme of things, what happened to me isn't even a drop in the ocean compared to what some people put up with each day, but overall it got to me. More than anything I just lost a bit of faith in humanity. Thank God my husband & kids made me laugh last night and today has been a good day as usual. Going to the park tonight and hanging out with good friends was a much needed tonic.


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