No Power & HOT!

Just a quick update. We got our power back on on Saturday about 5pm so we took the family out to a Columbus Crew game (and they won - yea!). Yesterday we took them to Caesar Creek flea market and on the way back I drove through a horrific storm with hail and 50 mph winds. The bloody thing chased us all the way back to Columbus and then slammed us there at home.

So we have no power again which means we can't phone anyone or use the wireless Internet. The bad thing is that we are also in the middle of a heatwave and the temps are between 95-100. Ugh! The electric company are saying we might not get it back until the 7th of July because there are just thousands & thousands of people without power. Thankfully we are all okay and we have no house damage. I also made sure when we had 24 hrs of power on Saturday that I did all the laundry and hoovered. Glad I did that!


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