Jack's 6th Birthday Party

Yesterday we hosted Jack's 6th birthday party at the house. We were supposed to have it at a local park with park rangers doing activities with the kids. They allowed up to 15 kids so of course I invited a lot of his school friends. In hindsight that was a big mistake because the park cancelled on me (storm damage) and I was left with 13 kids to entertain for 2.5 hours! And it was forecast 104 degrees! Arghhhhhhhhhh!
Slip-n-slide action, Daniel-style
I think everything turned out ok. We had lots of water stuff and got the kids inside for games and lunch etc. The time flew by actually and some of the parents dropped their kids off and left so it didn't seem so busy in my house.

A lunch and cool-down break
We played "pin the nose on spongebob" which is a game I made up for Jack's 3rd birthday party and he remembered it so I made it again. We gave out  medals to kids that got the nose close.  Hours later, one of the boys returned to our house to pick up shoes that he had left behind,and when I answered the door he was still wearing his medal, bless.

Happy Birthday Iron Man
So happy birthday Jack. I cannot believe you are six and I have been grabbing you and cuddling you far more than I should have this weekend. I'm trying to soak it all in before you become independent and embarrassed of your old mum. You are such a bright spark in my life you really are. You are never surly or bad tempered. You love to be around people and have fun and you amaze me everyday with your accomplishments. Just this weekend you have decided to swim along the bottom of the pool and you walk on your hands under water. You've mastered your new bike and you scored a couple of home runs at tee ball. I think you are going to be a social butterfly and an athlete as you go through life. You are so social that it's hard for you to concentrate on school work and you're impossible to tell a story to because you interrupt with your own version, but I think patience and studiousness will come with time.  I do not however, think that you'll grow out of fighting bedtime. For six years now you have fought it like a true warrior and it's always hard to get you to GO. TO. BED!
It was such a wonderful thing to sit back and watch you interact with your cousin Luke and your grandparents this past few weeks and my heart aches that you are not surrounded by your family because you would absolutely love to be with them. I will do my best to get you back to England as often as I can so that you feel close to your family as you go through life. Your brother Daniel adores you and copies you but also gives you a run for your money! You squabble over the usual stuff like sharing toys, but overall you have fun together and I love to sit and listen to you both in bed, whispering and giggling together before falling asleep. You are his protector and friend and little acts of kindness, like giving him your toy if he's crying, does not go unnoticed by me and your dad. Your kindness towards our dog also says a lot about you. So happy birthday Jack Sparrow. I asked you today not to grow up any more but you looked at me earnestly and said "But moma I have to become an adult by eating my food". Yes I suppose you do. xxx


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