Our Boy is Home from the Sleep-Over

It's funny how you know your child so well that you can tell how he's feeling even by a brief phone call that lasted less than 10 seconds. Just by his tone and demeanor I could tell all was not right with him. All evening I got text reports of his play-date and him having a great time. He adores his friend Frankie  and his family. When they called at 10.30pm for us to say goodnight I knew he was upset. He was distant and just said "bye".  45 mins later I got the phone call to come and get him.

I think he was a little embarrassed and worried that he'd done wrong so I assured him that it's ok and he's young and he can try again next year. On the way home he said "When we had to go to sleep I got sad and missed you and I just wasn't comstable".  I know what he meant :)

I'm glad he's home. I missed him. It was nice but odd just the three of us tonight. You could definitely tell that one of our little group was missing.


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