Chocka Weekend

Is that you Gene?
What a weekend!

  • Friday night: swimming
  • Saturday: Jack's last tee-ball game, then housework, then a cook-out and ghost hunt.
  • Today: The state fair for nine hours!
  • I am done in. So much to share and photos to post but I'm knackered

I'll just share a bit of the ghost hunt. This picture was taken by Craig the night before the hunt when he said "G, show yourself!" and you can see a large "orb" to the top left which hunters attribute to the spirits of ghosts.   Since then we have taken loads of pictures and the orbs are always near  Craig or the boys - never over me & Julie (my ghost hunter). Craig said he's a man's man.

The "big thing" during the hunt was this - Ben started barking to be let inside as he was out in the garden with the kids. It was a bit of a frantic bark and not what he does usually if he's got company in the back garden. Julie and Craig and I were in our basement in the pitch black and Ben came down. Julie said "G, please pet Ben, because he'll know you're here better than us" and then Ben obviously got touched because he got very scared, tried to jump out of the window (he actually parted the curtains!),  then he crouched down and scratched the floor like he was afraid/excited,  and  scrambled under the pool table  & ran upstairs. He would not come back down.   So we may not have see or heard anything but Ben did.

Right then, I'm so tired I can hardly think.
Night night ...


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