Shots from the Weekend (antique-style!)

Best friends get their tee-ball trophies. Soccer starts in just a few weeks! 

Ohio State Fair!  Can you see Craig and Jack waving at me?

Danny's first try at fishing with dad

Jack on the bungee. It took Danny most of the day to pluck up the courage but he did go on some rides.  

Zoombezi Bay water park today.
Craig and Jack did all the crazy slides. Me and Danny held hands down the tamer one.  We all loved the lazy river! 

My Danny boy. We had such a good laugh together today. I love him so much my heart aches.  

Stood in line, a lady said to me "goodness me, he has pretty eyes - they're yellow!" Which they did kind-of look like at the time. Must be the hat colour. 


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