Our New Motor

Here is my new car - a 2005 VW Golf GLS turfbo diesel injection, or TDI to be less waffly.

I just bought it today and I LOVE it for the following reasons:
  1. It will do 45 mpg
  2. It's fast
  3. It's got gadgets - heated sports seats, heated mirrors, alloy wheels, tinted windows, sunroof, automatic AND manual transmission but don't ask me how that works as I have no idea
  4. It's a 4-door hatch-back so it's sporty but also kid friendly
  5. It will last forever

  1. It was expensive
  2. It sounds like a diesel, but I kinda like that
  3. The horn that goes off when you lock it is funny. Instead of the usual "beep" or "pomp" it goes "purp", like it ate too much cabbage.

So, here it is....

Obviously not our car, but I wanted to show what it looks like and I got home in the dark - so I took some pictures off the internet.


Emily said…
Very nice looking, Pam! Reminds me of your mini days... thank goodness you aren't trying to put a car seat in a mini!
I'm so sorry we won't see you tomorrow... another time soon. Go Bucks!
Fredsueand me said…
fabulous choice Pam, have driven that exact car quite a lot, my dad owned one, you wont be disappointed. also it will last last and last, plus the build quality is great as its german, so you cant go wrong eh, happy motoring. see you soon. x x x

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