My 44th Birthday

What a fantastic birthday! Craig and the boys surprised me with gifts this morning - Happy perfume, The Sound of Music on blue ray (yes really, leave me alone), and an egg custard pie. I am not a cake lover and had asked Craig to get me egg custard. They also got me licorice, my favourite candy.
We took the boys to the local park for the Easter egg hunt and hung out with friends down there, then Jack did parkour at the rec center and we went for lunch at a fried chicken food truck that we all love.

By this time I was shattered so we went home and had a nap. I haven't done that in so long! Then it was full speed ahead again and we got a babysitter so that Craig and I could go out for a bike ride through the wetlands. I loved it. Hearing the evening song of all the birds, watching the sunset and being with Craig was just the perfect end to a perfect day.

So I'm 44 but I don't care. I've never got upset at getting older and can't see me ever getting that way. Each birthday is celebrated with as much gusto as the one before and I still feel as young and invincible as I did twenty years ago. My body doesn't of course. I've still got a pressure fracture in my foot which is painful as hell and I'm sure I'll be suffering tomorrow for my free-wheeling bike ride tonight. But that's okay. Today was perfect.

Thanks to everyone who sent me presents, cards & messages. I'm going to try my best to ring everyone tomorrow. x


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