A new home

Well Char and Jan came and went quickly and we didn't get to do dinner with them. Our babysitter forgot and went to a big fairground 100 miles away for her senior graduation, so I couldn't be mad at her. We got to see each other a tiny bit but not much unfortunately.

Then it was another weekend of cook-outs, a play date with Danny's best friend Asher, the pool, friends, housework, DIY projects, yard work and general mayhem. The very good news that came my way is that my dad is okay after a bit of a scare and my friend's son got the all-clear after his operation  for cancer. That's two fabulous bits of news.

Tonight is the night I say on here that Coco is gone. We got her last August and she was the sweetest girl, but after 9 months of peeing and pooing and digging I had had enough. I make that sound like it was an easy decision, but it wasn't. I had been going back and to for months. She was such a cute dog but so scared of everything that if you even made eye contact with her she peed. Even if you spent all day with her in the garden she would come into the house and pee or poo somewhere - so it was fear and also behavioural and I was at my wits end. Our carpets and sofas are ruined. She peed on our bed weekly. Yes it's my fault for adopting a dog I didn't have time for. I do not have time to house-train a dog. It was also not the right environment for her  because she needs  to be a lone dog in a house where she is adored and it's not as loud and manic as this. She needs to be with my mum basically - someone who's retired, who loves to walk a lot and who loves dogs.

So last week after she peed again in the boys room I thought that maybe I could just do it and take her back. The thought of "taking her back to the pound" made my stomach turn but if you walked into my house the smell of pee hit you and I didn't know what else to do. I was definitely NOT doing Craigslist or local Facebook sites and I thought local dog rescue places were probably full and they would be mean to me for giving her up.

The night before I did it  (Last Saturday) I was texting my friend Maureen and she offered to come with me, which was a huge blessing, so we planned for noon the next day. All night and all the next morning I had these moments of "Yes it's the best thing for her and for us, "and then "What the hell am I doing? She's part of my family, I can't do this".  All the while my heart was heavy and my stomach upset. But I did do it. I took her to the pound and while Maureen stood outside with her I filled in the surrender paperwork, crying my eyes out and unable to talk to the staff. I took her to Gate 1 and a nice lad came and got her and told me not to worry, that she's get adopted quick, since she's so cute. I cried all the way home so Maureen took me back to her house for a beer and a sit in her garden. We sat and talked for a couple of hours and that really helped

I rang the pound every day this week because the man I gave the surrender paperwork to gave me a serial number so I could check on her. She is adopted. She found a new home yesterday.  I hope with all my heart and soul that she is with someone that can help her. We were the 4th family to adopt her so this is her 5th home and that breaks my heart. I never thought I'd give up, but I did.

Craig said he doesn't regret a thing, because our house was wrecked and she didn't bond with us really because she was so hyper. I don't think Ben misses her either because she wouldn't let him on the bed or couch. She growled at him if he got near to me and Craig. So I think Ben is actually happier. And Jack towards the end was getting fed-up with the pee and the poo, so he wasn't too sad. Although when I told him today that she had been adopted he said he missed her. I do too. I miss her and I feel terrible for taking her back but most of all I worry who has her now. Hopefully a loving person. I have to hope and pray that it's a loving person.


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