A Few Shots from Weekend

Jack got his orange belt on Friday night. He is really doing well at Tang Soo Do.
 On Saturday we switched the sofas around (from basement to living room) and I decided to clean under the big 10 x 12 rug in the living room. Look what I found. The rug is destroyed - there must have been 1,000 pee spots on it. The floor is ruined in some places....

So I spent 7 hours on Saturday cleaning and refinishing the wood floor. The boys played video games and watched TV all day but I'm sure it won't kill them. It looks a lot better but some spots are never going to go away.

On Sunday I took a friend's kids to the pool. She had a smoke fire in her house and has to live in a hotel for 2 months. She spent the weekend doing an inventory of everything that couldn't be cleaned that needs to be replaced. I can't imagine how crap that would be. Anyway, they are great kids so it was a pleasure but I was on my own with 4 kids at the pool so it was a bit stressful. I think we'll stick to playing at the park next time.

And the good news? Craig passed his motorcycle test, so is now a bona fide biker!


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