Fathers Day & A Resurrected Frog

Craig said he had a fabulous Father's Day today. I am so glad! I always seem to mess up with gifts and things and by comparison he always gets it right and makes me feel super special (many of you are nodding your heads right now and saying yes Pam, you are indeed "special").
As well as wishing my husband a happy day, I called my dad and had a great chat for an hour and I called my step-dad too. I will see my mum & step-dad in FIVE DAYS!

But anyway, back to the topic. Here's a few pictures from this weekend ....

Feeding the ducks
After a full English breakfast, Craig took the boys fishing. I didn't make him do it I swear! He said he wanted to. The  boys made him books about what they loved about him, made him cards and got him some Harley stuff (saddle bags for the bike, a wallet and keyring).

Nice catch boys!
Craig said: "the biggest fish of the day was caught by a Go Diego fishing pole with a piece of broken line on it, a free bobber and a cheap, dull, old fishing hook". Nice one Daniel!

Too cool for the pool

After Craig took his Harley for a big ride it was swim time!  Who wouldn't want to hang out with this kid?

Pete the First. RIP.
This is "Pete" - our first frog from the tadpole tank. We were all really excited about him when he emerged yesterday. After talking with friends who know about frogs and those types of things, we went to the local pet shop to buy him some food. The lad at the pet shop told me that he had a pet tree frog and he sounded authoritative on the subject so I totally believed him.  He told me with great confidence to feed Pete crickets. I said "they look 4 times bigger than the frog". He said "I'll give you small ones". They were still 4 times bigger than Pete but I decided to believe in the pet shop lad and so bought them and put them in the tank. This morning - NO PETE. Crying children. Upset family. Four smug-looking evil crickets hanging out on the plastic plants and looking proud of themselves. Bastards! We were all so upset that Craig drowned them in the tank and left them floating like a warning to all future frog food. Serves them right. All day long Jack has been going to the tank, moving rocks, picking up plants, and saying quietly "Pete?" and getting upset. Craig told him that frogs are really good at hiding. I flat-out lied and said I'd seen him.  I turned every rock and scoured that tank when they were fishing and that frog was gone. That frog was set upon by 4 crickets (I Googled it, it happens). But then, tonight ....... wonders of wonders, there is Pete sitting on the rock again!  Happy children! Jack is overjoyed.  It isn't Pete of course, it's a new tadpole emerged. I saw him this morning, his stubby tail almost sucked back in. But shhhhhhhh, never tell Jack. So here's two lessons for you - (1) never ever believe anything a pet shop clerk tells you because even if they act intelligent they are not, and (2) never ever buy live food that's bigger than the thing that's supposed to eat it.


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