Dogs & Theatricals

Following on from my last post that was utterly depressing, it has been a good week so far, though Jack wants to come to work with me everyday and I'm too busy, so that has caused a bit of upset. We have both missed Coco and both cried about her. Jack asked "Can we make friends with the family that adopted her so we can see her?" And I had to say no and it was awful. But we have to move on - it was a good decision and I have to get over it. Back to our week.

Let's see.... Took Ben to the vet because his problem -  ear mites  - that I painstakingly researched on Google and bought medication for, turned out to be a yeast infection. Yep I should stick to growing grass. So that cost us $250 because vet visits always do.

Daniel continues to amaze me and make me laugh. This week he has had two play dates with his friend Asher and loved it. He also made me cry - we stopped by a Wendy's and Jack said he wanted a Frosty (malt chocolate soft ice cream) in a cup, I wanted mine in a cone and I asked Danny what he wanted and he said "What would make you & Jack happy?" Ugh! Punch right to the heart!  Needless to say we had a little talk about him doing things and choosing things he wants and not for the sake of other people. Then he said something very intelligent the day after  (I can't remember, I have mummy-brain) and THEN he said something else that actually made me ask his advice. I stood by the car and asked his advice on a subject because I genuinely thought he'd have the answer and he's 4. And he did have the answer! This kid will be a genius. I just have to work on the confidence stuff...
Jack, Danny & Asher get theatrical

Jack is doing great. He will test for his orange belt in Tang Soo Do tomorrow and he still loves it, so that's good. My challenge is to keep him reading and writing over summer. He is such a bright spark and so social but also such a flibbertigibbet! (to pronounce this go into "How do you solve a problem like Maria" mode).  His most recent thing is to wait until Craig gets up at 6 and then come and sleep with me, which I love. Snuggles with him in the morning cannot be beaten.  I am trying to make sure each day has something fun for them & Linda to do but it is hard when you work. Today I took them to Whetstone Park and it ended up raining hard on them but they LOVED it. It was an adventure - they thought it was was funny getting so wet. Tomorrow I will drop them off at another fun place for a few hours.

Craig is in the midst of his motorbike license training and will be doing that this weekend.

I am bogged down with deadlines at work and trying to get them done but also trying to make sure the kids are entertained this summer. That is HARD my friends.

As a bit of light relief I watched an amazing film tonight. I give it 5 out of 5. It was called "The Sessions" and it makes you feel good about life.



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