Witty Retorts

Craig and I are both on several Facebook forums and his comments usually make me laugh. One of my favourites was on a crime site where someone posted that they saw a police car outside the local McDonald's and they wanted to know what was going on (I live in a somewhat sheltered, paranoid community as you can see). Anyway Craig said "Maybe it was the Hamburglar?" Ha!

Tonight he posted a review of a local cafe that he ate at today and he didn't like. Someone suggested that he try a cocktail next time to make it more pleasurable. He replied "2 might of worked". Then the grammar police came out. A lady suggested that he should have said: should have, would have, could have, might have (instead of might of). Then she said it was her pet peeve and ended by saying "sorry for being an ass", like all passive aggressive people do. I hate passive aggressive people. No Balls. They do this kind of thing and when you blast them back or tell them to FO they act like a victim. I come across these people daily, mainly online.

So as you can imagine I saw this comment online and I typed up a scathing retort and had my finger poised over the send button when I saw that Craig had already replied to her.  He just said "In England we call it an arse".   I wish I could think of things to say like that!


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