Visit from Family

In two days time my mum & Tom arrive and I am so excited. We haven't seen each other in five years and they have never met Daniel. They arrive at 9pm on Friday and we are all going to the airport to greet them.

The last time I saw my mum was in September 2008 when she came for a visit with my Auntie Edna, who I love dearly. We went to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame & Niagara Falls.

The last time I saw Tom was in September 2008 when I went back to England with work. By coincidence, mum & Auntie Edna were in America on a a vacation tour. I didn't take any pictures of Tom and I at the time as I only saw him briefly. I did do a post about my BFF's wedding though.

So there you are. No doubt I'll post a hundred pictures while they are here. More than anything, I can't wait to see my boys interact with their grandparents. Just thinking about them knowing they are loved and being able to share memories with their English family makes me get choked up.


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