17 Year Anniversary

We had a fantastic wedding anniversary last Friday. We took the day off work to take the boys to the zoo then we got a babysitter and went to our friend Maureen's for dinner. It was lovely just to sit and talk with her and another English couple we know. We had gourmet pizza, wine and fabulous conversation. It doesn't get much better than that does it. I'm so lucky to have these English friends in my life. As much as I love our American friends there is a strong underlying bond with people from the same country. I have to add though that we've met at least two Englishmen over here that I can't stand and would cross over the road if I saw coming! Just goes to show that each nationality has their share of idiots.  One of the things I loved the most was having really good conversations and learning more about the dinner guests.  And it was nice spending the evening with this muppet of course...

17 Marvelous Years
On Saturday we went to the big yard sale at Danny's school and got more plastic crap for the house. Then we went swimming. We swam Sunday too. I want to squeeze in as much swimming as possible before the pool closes Labor Day Weekend.

So it's "back to normal" tomorrow although it feels more like I'm sat at the top of a big roller coaster just before the drop. I start teaching and Jack goes back to school and soon after Danny will start pre-k. I'm not quite ready for summer to be over and definitely not ready for the mountains of kid-stuff coming my way.


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