Always go to bed laughing

It's 11.53 and Craig and the boys are in bed. I have a glass of wine (my first for a while as I'm on a diet. Again), and I'm probably going to ramble. I haven't slept all week. I started teaching again and have 134 students, so that stresses me out at the beginning of the semester, but I'm ok now it's got under way - isn't that always the case? The lead-up is always more fraught than the actual event?

Then Jack went back to school which was quite emotional. And I volunteered to help friends out by having their kids come to our house pre and post school, which is perfectly okay but also a bit unnerving since I am not a morning person. Thankfully Jack is - so I can get him up and dressed and have him entertain the kids while I shower and get ready for work. That's my plan at least.

I am a member of several Facebook groups that recently have got downright nasty and upsetting. I have a friend who has been ousted and many others upset. In particular there is a woman that I really want to send a personal message to, to tell her that she's being an absolutely hideous human being. Probably won't though. Don't get me wrong I love Facebook, for a hundred reasons (that would be a good blog post some day) but there's 2 groups I might just have to leave, for my own sanity.

Moving on, I did find a very funny video about tea - our English pastime. This is so funny because it's perfectly true. And since I'm going to bed soon, I want to go smiling.


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