World's End, Bumped Head and Pirates

On Friday we got a babysitter and went to see "The World's End" with our neighbours Erika & Mark. The film was wonderful, very funny, then we went back to ours for a drink. We were sat in the front room chatting and Mark starting telling a funny story. Craig was laughing and then coughed a bit and stood up to go to the kitchen. All of a sudden, he made a funny little noise, like a gasp for breath, and fell forward, headlong into the wall. It was terrifying actually because I knew he was unconscious before he fell but didn't know why. His head slammed into the wall and he lay perfectly still. I asked Erika to call 911 and rushed to him. He came round immediately and was a bit confused, asking me why he needed to call 911 and saying he felt fine, so we got him onto the couch and didn't have an ambulance come. As you can see by the picture he took the morning after he really hurt himself...

I was worried to death as to why he passed out, so made him go to get checked out on Saturday. The doc said he's fine and also said that a combination of laughing and coughing and standing up can make someone faint. I never knew that. I certainly never want to see it again because it was awful. At least it gave bragging rights to Mark - his stories being so funny that they make people faint.

Craig was so sore and I was so worried that it definitely put a damper on the weekend. We did some pool time and caught up on housework but not too much else. The boys did watch The Goonies twice and loved it. They got a big pirate flag from their grandad so we hung it outside and they played for ages.

One eyed Willy & his first mate looked for treasure.

The only other news of the weekend worth noting is that Danny did the diving board at the pool. So at the end of the season he did the last big thing there. He loved it and went on it 50 times at least.


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