Playdate, Prom, Pool and Pets

What a crazy week it's been. Last weekend I organized a play-date for all local kindergartners and their families at a local school. There were about 200 people there which was great but then also very stressful. That same night I went to an 1980's prom party to raise money for our local middle school "beautification project". So far $15,000 has been raised, which is fabulous. I had such a good time and danced for 2 solid hours. I can't remember the last time I did that.

Me and my hot prom dates, Paige & Julie
Sunday I just died. It was one of those days you wished you lived on your own in an expensive hotel room with crisp linen sheets and room service. Unfortunately I don't live like that, so had to entertain the kids and do housework and see to the animals all the while wishing for bedtime.

Talking of animals, this little fella is doing great. Hank is now very much settled and he is such a great cat. He's very loving and social and starting to become friendly with Ben. It's time to buy him a collar and harness and let him wander about in the back yard I think. I want to let him wallow in the catnip and watch birds, like Frank used to love doing.

Hanky Panky
I must get photos on here of Ben's new summer hair cut (which makes him look like a puppy) and of Luke and Whitey in their hamster balls. They scoot all over the house in them and they are hilarious to watch. Luke looks like that fat orange hamster called Rino in the film Bolt. We've even started calling him Rino Luke.

This week I had two major events at work and I got a bit of sunstroke I think, which is not surprising since I have the complexion of a Icelander. Spending huge amount of time outdoors in the sun really does me in. I did manage to get the boys to the pool once but the weather continues to be mid-70's and just not quite hot enough to swim outside (well that's a First World problem if ever there was one hey).

Making the most of 80 degrees
 Yesterday morning both boys told me what they want to do when they grow up: They want to own a pet shop during the day and be American Ninjas at night. Seems doable I think.

This weekend we have NOTHING planned, which really means catching up on phone calls, Skype, housework and gardening. Still I am looking forward to having a couple of days with no set plans. Next weekend it's our 17th wedding anniversary so we will be doing something big and exciting. At least I hope so. The official gift for the 17th anniversary is...wait for it ... furniture! What? Yes that's right. Furniture. How romantic.


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