The Tooth Fairy is NOT Me, oh and I set the kitchen on fire.

Jack put his tooth under his pillow in an envelope for the tooth fairy to find. When I woke him up the next morning he sat bolt upright in bed, threw his pillow off and snatched up the envelope. He looked so disappointed when he saw the coin and said quietly "it's a quarter". I told him no, it's a gold coin with an Indian princess on (it was a Sacajawea gold dollar piece) and I told him that gold coins were like treasure, like pirate treasure. That really cheered him up and he said he'd keep it forever. He's made a couple of references to the fact that I am indeed the tooth fairy but I'm denying it. An older boy recently told him that Santa wasn't real too and I completely lied and said he was. I have no problem lying to them about all this stuff - let's keep the dream alive as long as we can hey.

Last night Craig and I watched a film, based on a true story,  called "The Impossible" about a family caught in the 2004 Tsunami. I am still distraught today. At one point last night, while I was sobbing, I looked at Craig and he said "FFS! Doesn't Netflix have any comedies?" He loved it too but good grief it was graphic and emotional.

Tonight I took Jack to tang soo do - we are trying to get back into that routine. Most nights he tries to wriggle out of it but when we are there he loves it. If he doesn't want to do it any more by winter (I signed up for a year) then I'll let him drop it, but he's going until then if I have to drag him! We also got info on fall soccer today.

Which leads me into saying that I'm not ready for fall. I wish it was still summer!! This is the major difference between stay at home mums and working mums I'm sure. Every SAHM I've met says they can't wait for next week (except SAHM moms that work by babysitting other kids or working at home - they haven't said that). Well I can certainly wait until next week. Next week I start teaching again and I also have to get both boys to school in the morning. I'll have packed lunches to make, homework to deal with, Pre-school runs every day during my lunch break (this is the absolute worst thing) and PTA meetings, soccer games and earlier bedtimes (I can already see the impending tantrums). I'm going to pretend it's still summer until the end of August thank you very much. Now I just need the weather to cooperate (it's 56 degrees tonight).

On the house project front we have so much to do: fix the breaker box (ugh), band-aid the AC unit, stain the fences and deck, install living room ceiling fan, bathroom shelf and kitchen lights, paint steps, cut a tree down and do a million hours of yard work.
Oh and we need a new oven since I burnt the last one (and nearly set the kitchen on fire). I don't think I wrote about that on here but I was cooking sausages on the grill with the oven door ajar and the fat on the tray just went woof! and set on fire. In just a few seconds the whole front of the oven was on fire up to the ceiling. I screamed at the kids to get out and I called 911. Craig ran in and pulled the tray out and put the fire out. A friend asked why I didn't just slam the oven door shut and turn it off, starving it of oxygen. I don't know - that didn't even enter my head. Well the result is that we now have a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and our double oven is dead. We have to get a quote on a new one and submit to our insurance company. That $500 deductible is going to suck. I told Craig maybe we should use this as an opportunity to do some major kitchen renovations. I won't repeat what he said because it wasn't gentlemanly.
Dead as a Doorknob: The double oven, installed in the cabinets (note melted control panel at top)


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