State Fair Day

Today we took a day off work and took the boys to the State Fair. It's one of  my favourite days of the year and we spend at least 10 hours there.  Here's a few pictures from our day:

Craig and Danny walked while Jack and I did the chair lift. It doesn't look too high or scary does it? Don't be fooled. That thing is high and stops every 30 seconds and your chair sways in the wind. Nightmare. I tried my best to be brave and not let Jack know I was scared but my knuckles were white.

We aways go to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) area first because, well that's what we like. We fish, shoot, kayak and see birds, butterflies and animals.

Then we hit the fair and the rides. Last year we bought both boys a ride-all-day wrist band and Danny wouldn't go on anything, except a couple of fun houses. This year he was amazing! And this is what started it - Craig put him on the carousel on his own. He was on an outside horse and my heart was in my mouth but you could physically see his confidence build during the ride. He loved the fact that he did it on his own.

We tried the crazy fair food of the year: Maple & Bacon Ice Cream (pic below). It was bloody VILE! Tasted like cat food. We also saw: Deep fried butter, deep fried Buckeyes, deep fried gummy bears, and pork wings (Craig had some).

Jack LOVED it all. He's such a social kid and so excited to experience life has to offer. Makes my heart melt.

This is the surprise of the day. I paid for Jack to do this ride and when I went to watch him, I saw that Danny was also in line. He had told Craig that he really wanted to do it and he loved it! He was shrieking with laughter and I thought my heart would burst watching him. That absolutely made my day, that he took the plunge and did something new.

So another fantastic trip to the fair. I am completely done-in but that's ok. I just wish I didn't have a full day tomorrow but I do. Two major events in fact. Sigh.


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