Back from New England

We're back! Really missed blogging and reading blogs and will catch up soon.

We went to New England for a week and got home last night. I'm itching to post all kinds of pictures and stories but today I have a big work conference and then I have a farewell party tonight for Char & Jan. After weeks of me posting about their impending departure for a new life in CA they actually fly away from us tomorrow.

Anyway, the trip was fab, the weather gorgeous, the beach house heavenly.

Lots of history was absorbed, mostly about the pilgrims and their escape from British tyranny, or about the extortionate British tax system that led to the Boston tea party and the Revolution, or about the persecution of separatist religions by, you guessed it, the British. It's a good job we have a sense of humour or us Brits might get a bit miffed about the whole "tyranny" thing.

Gotta run now - but will post lots later about the great things like whale watching and seeing my son jump in the Altantic Ocean, and about the bad things like $5.12/gallon gas, and about the weird things like us all stealing stuff but not confessing till we got back (ahem, hope the police aren't reading).


Emily said…
Welcome home! I can't wait to hear all about your trip. And don't worry, we've forgiven you for the tyranny. :)

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