Whoopin & Hollerin

I'll be gone from the blogging scene for a few days. Not because I'm thinking of leaving the blog world like the wonderful Mousie, not even because I'm about to get flattened to a pancake by a tornado (although we're under a warning as I type). The reason I'll be absent is that family from England arrive tomorrow. Craig's mum, dad, nephew and his friend arrive for a few weeks and we've got all sorts planned. Lots of pictures and stories to follow of course.


Jack's bum is now fine. If you are wondering why I'm talking about my son's nether regions on the Internet, please refer to the previous post. Anyway, he's wreaking havoc on the world again and surprising me every day with new things. When he's looking for something now, he raises his shoulders, brings his palms up to his sides and says "where did it go?". He also discovered showers this week instead of baths. My cunning plan to make him wash his sore bum in a new way might backfire on me if he refuses baths from now on.


Lastly, did I mention how much I love my job? I think I have. Look who I got to meet today:

For those of you in England who don't have the foggiest who he is, he's Archie Griffin, ex-OSU and NFL running back that is the only college football player in history to win the Heisman Trophy twice. Regardless of the fact that I was only 5 years old and living in another country altogether when he won his first one, I have come to love him like any other Ohioan. Okay, let me put it this way - it's like meeting Sir Bobby Charlton. I'll leave it at that.
So anyway, someone asked him if his Heisman record may get equalled this year by Tim Tebow and he said "Beanie may have something to say about that" and everyone cheered loudly and "whooped and hollered". Including me, because football makes me lose all sense of dignity and composure. Sorry, I just can't help myself.


Emily said…
That's SO funny - as soon as I saw Archie's picture, I was thinking, "I wonder what he thinks about Tim Tebow." I'm so glad he has an answer prepared. And I really hope Timmy doesn't ruin his record. :)

I hear I'll be seeing you here in a little bit. Looking forward to it.
Expatmum said…
Glad the bums' better. Have a great time with the family.

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