TV Not Dead - Hurrah!

Good news. The TV is not dead. Craig unplugged it from the surge protector , plugged it back in another socket and viola! Good as new.
Looks like the surge protector did it's job and took one in the chest for the TV.


Mommy Daisy said…
Thank God for surge protectors. We've had them same our things many times. My husband (being an IT freak) opened a fried one up one time and it was crazy to see. When I say fried, I mean the inside was fried...chared. Wow!

Glad that your TV is okay.
Oma Froehle said…
YEAH for the surge protector! Send the manufacturer a note; they get SO LITTLE positive feedback. :-)

Pam, I need advice on pruning honeysuckle. It's a bush, and it's got a life of its own out there.
Pam said…
MD - that's something my hubby would do - I'll tell him!

Oma - left you 2 messages on said honeysuckle but think I may have confused matters more.

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