Cowboys & Dancing Monkeys

Craig's mum & dad like to have a mooch at flea markets when they come to the states so today we took them to Caesar's Creek Flea Market.
It has tons of vendors with old and new stuff, food stalls and even entertainment. It has to be said though that it's a redneck paradise with eyebrow-raising merchandise like hats that say "Come to my country? Speak English!". I think the most outrageous thing I saw was a badge calling Jane Fonda "a traitorous, terrorist b****". How nice. So, if you can ignore the few (and it is just a few) stalls with obnoxious wares, then it's an interesting place to visit for an afternoon.

I did pick up an almost-new Radio Flyer Wagon for Jack that I've wanted for a while. Got it for $40 which is fab as they are normally $150. He also got to have a couple of pony rides. He LOVES pony rides and my only misgiving about letting him on is knowing he's going to cry when he has to come off. Sure enough, he did, very loudly and he was most upset for a while after. He's been having pony rides since he was one year old and he seems to really enjoy it, so looks like I have a little cowboy in the making.

I know my friend Sue in England won't be happy with the picture of this horse shackled-up for kiddie rides. I even tried to crop out the chains the horse had on to make it look less like animal cruelty. Sorry Sue. If it's any consolation, I didn't buy any of the baby chicks in boxes, or give money to the man with the dancing monkey (I'm not kidding).


Expatmum said…
Have to say I love "garage" sales and flea markets, but that one sounds a bit scary!!!
Emily said…
You crack me right up, Pam! Please tell me you got one of the English speaking hats - because the irony of that is thick!
Greg said…
Hmmm. I don't know you (yet?), but assuming that a blog isn't only for "how amusing!" comments, the Fonda thing might be a bit more understandble -- even if you don't agree with the promoter -- if you knew of her actions during the Viet Nam war. Some wounds never heal. Or rather, some people never forget. Look at Ireland.
Pam said…
Expatmum - yes, a bit "odd" to say the least but it takes all sorts doesn't it.

Emily - I was tempted to buy one, if only to shock my mum when she comes over this fall

Greg - I prefer the "how amusing!" comments. My blog is for fun and I don't use it as a political or religious platform.
Greg said…
How amusing!
Pam said…
Bless you! I hope we meet one day as I hear a lot of good things about you.

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