Sore Bum Update

Remember Jack's Sore Bum story? Well, turns out, "Expatmum" was right - it was a fungal infection.

Turns out, an athletes foot cream, Lomotrin, is the best cure, so says my pediatrician. And he's right. It has GONE finally.

That's my top tip for mums with the nappy rash blues.


Emily said…
Glad he's feeling better. And I meant to tell you: I met this mom at the park, she was nice, she's an OT like me, has a 1 year old, so I invited her to join our MOMS club and she did. ANYWAY, turns out she's your pediatrician's wife. Did you know he lives in your neighborhood?
Jeff said…
There's a product all over America that we're just starting to get over here, Boudreaux's Butt Paste, it's for nappy rash and it's ace and really easy to find over there. We're starting to get it via here but I recommend it for you, Wal-Mart for example sell it.


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