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We had another busy weekend, which seems par for the course these days. I'm dying to just potter about in my garden one weekend but it won't be for a while yet.

We went to the cabin yesterday but it was very strange being there without Char & Jan. We had planned to stay over but with more thunder storms forecast I chickened out and we came home. Call me a wimp if you will but the thought of being in a wood cabin surrounded by 100 ft. trees and a lake during a severe storm scares me to death. I think Craig's mum and dad were secretly pleased that I wanted to come home. Craig appears to have no fear about these things.

Craig and Harry caught lots of fish, mostly sunfish and Harry got a trout. Craig also fished out a turtle for Jack to say hello to.

Today we went to Comfest for a couple of hours. I love this festival! Lots of music and good food and a relaxed, liberal crowd. Dot kept saying "I think I smell Marijuana!" and of course she had. This festival is the mirror image of the flea market we went to last weekend, in terms of people and their politics and views on life. This is the place you can get your breasts painted or have your palm read. I was most disappointed that I didn't get to have mine done (palm that is, c'mon people, I've had a child!)

It's Jack's birthday this week. Two already! We got him this gift off CraigsList and we set it up so the slide feeds into his garden pool. He loved playing on it tonight. Still, the swing and everything about it just seems too young for him. I think it would be great for a 1-2 year old and I already have buyer's remorse. He catches his feet on the bottom when he swings, bangs his head on the bar, only gets half-way down the slide and his feet touch the bottom. It's too small isn't it? Bugger.

We very nearly bought him a new bike from Target instead. It was a cool, shiny red little thing and he loved it but I reigned myself in with the thought that we'll get him one when he can peddle his tricycle my mum got him last year. So we took him out again tonight to see how he might grasp the concept of peddling. He did great but I think he needs to practice a lot more on this before he gets his red shiny wheels!


Emily said…
Wow, that's really great peddling! Brian's tried to teach Katy and she just doesn't get it. Not sure if she'll be very athletic...but Jack certainly is!
Jen said…
We bought that same tricycle for Jacob's first birthday and it is still going strong 4 1/2 years later. Ellie just figured out how to pedal this spring, so apparently boys figure it out sooner than girls.

I love the comment about not having your chest painted! After 3kids and 6 years of being pregnant/breastfeeding or both simultaneously, mine aren't such a pretty sight anymore. =)
Pam said…
Emily - Jack certainly is athletic and has no fear. A deadly combination.

Jen - These are the things we mothers must sacrifice - no topless sunbathing, belly-button piercings, or mid-rif tops!
Oma Froehle said…
Woo hoo, girls! Having yourself painted sounds fun to me! You could always wear a strapless top and go for something on your chest that appeared to be emerging from the . . . never mind.

Lark down at Body Wisdom told me that Comfest was the best time of year. Is it over, or does it last through the 4th weekend? Maybe I can get a chair massage and a temporary tattoo. Maybe Elmo or something Katy would like?

My theory is that girls could probably pedal, but they just bat their eyes at Daddy . . . and he pushes them. Why bother?

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