Tomatoes Killed our Telly

We had a scary night last night. I got woken up by the tornado sirens at midnight & woke Craig up - the poor man would have slept through the whole thing if his mental wife wasn't so scared. We watched the local news reporting a tornado warning and severe thunderstorm coming right for us.

We left it as long as we could but when our trusty weatherman said "seek shelter", I thought "alright mate, I don't need telling twice!" I got Jack, all sleepy and cradled around my body, and Craig got his mum and dad and we went to the basement. Cody & the cats came too (animal instinct is a marvelous thing). I took my big bag that has all my work stuff and Jack's stuff in and I felt good - we were safe and warm and could watch progress on the telly in the basement. Then .......

After a loud boom and a weird popping noise, our electric went off and our big screen TV got zapped. Capputt. Dead as a dodo. As Craig said, it is now a big expensive paper-weight. Next came the thunder, lightning and rain. Tons and tons of rain, like I have never seen before. It was actually pretty impressive.

After about an hour they gave the all-clear for tornados and we went to bed, but the thunder was still ferocious for a while and kept me awake.

This morning, we discovered that the basement was wet. The laundry room has about 0.5 water on the floor and the family room carpet is soaked. So Craig's at home right now doing his best with a wet vac. My big bag and all its contents which was sat on the floor is ruined. The only thing that upset me is that my weight-watcher book was in there. The one that gets officially stamped and the one where I stick all my "well done you!" stickers. In the whole scheme of things it's not a big deal though is it.

I did learn that I can wake Jack up at midnight and he'll go back to sleep quickly when I put him back down at 1.30. So that's a bonus.

So, no tornados folks, everyone's fine. It was scary at the time but as always, once the sun comes up you feel 100% okay. The daylight does wonders for your outlook on life doesn't it? I could never live in Alaska.

One last funny thing - I heard that one of the little boys at day care got scared last night and was saying to his mum "let's hide - the tomatoes are coming, the tomatoes are coming!"


Emily said…
Do you mean that even once the power came back on your tv is dead? Did it get struck by lightning!?!

We would've slept through it, too, except that my sister called and told us to get the kids up and head downstairs. Didn't want to, but I'm paranoid, too.
Pam said…
Hey Emily,
Yep darn it, TV is DEAD. I'll have to ask our State Farm agent if it's covered.
I know what you mean about not wanting to go to the basement - I probably wouldn't have gone if it weren't for Jack

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