On a recent road trip with work friends I told them I have a lot of tornado dreams. Out of four people in the car, one said "me too!

I had no idea what tornado dreams meant so I Googled it and it said I'm sometimes scared of disruptive and terrifying changes beyond my control.   Like lots of people right now I suppose I'm worried about keeping my job and being able to pay my mortgage but I've had these dreams for the 10 years I've lived in the USA. 

We talked about other dreams too: 

(1) Having to take a big test or try and get a grade at the end of a class when you realize you haven't been in class all year

(2) Showing up somewhere and not realizing you were naked till you got there

(3) You can't run fast because legs are sluggish.

Then sometimes I have an erotic dream about someone I either don't know (how is that possible?) or someone I really don't like and wouldn't even poke in the eye with a 50 ft pole.

It's an amazing thing isn't it, that when human beings are going though stressful times, we all dream about the same scenarios, regardless of what country we were born in. 

This video was taken in South Dakota where I just drove the full length of the state. My colleague told me today that SD is notorious for violent tornadoes. I told her I'm glad I didn't talk to her before I set off on my hols!


Oma Froehle said…
Pam, my husband, Greg is an extravagent dreamer who remembers so many details about his visions. Some of these you mention are the same ones he tells me at the breakfast table! I couldn't believe it!

It must be exhausting to be so active when you are sleeping. I rarely remember ANYTHING that I dream. However, Greg reports that I talk a lot and obviously dream. I just can't remember. DRAT!
Clippy Mat said…
#3. that's my dream too.
strange :-)
Kelsey said…
I had very strange and vivid tornado dreams when I was pregnant, both times, although more so with my daughter.

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