Danny at 8 Months

Our boy is 8 months old today! He started babbling this week but no teeth yet. He's not crawling yet either but he's the master of moving backwards! Last night he crawled backwards from his bedroom, down the hallway all the way to the front room. It was so funny to watch. He's trying really hard to move forwards so hopefully he'll get it soon.
I think he's going to be different to Jack in so many ways but I hope every day that they are going to be best friends. Jack's a whirling-dermish, a real pistol but I get the feeling Danny's going to be more calm, a little rock. Whatever their personalities I really hope they love each other, especially since they have no family here.


Jen said…
Can he really be that old already?! It's amazing how fast they grow!
Pam said…
Hi Jen: What's even more amazing is how quickly he's outgrowing clothes - I can hardly keep up!

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