I Say the Dumbest Things

Now and again I have blonde moments but this week I had TWO really big ones that have given my husband free license to rib me and rib me often. 

When we got back from Tennessee, our neighbour that was checking on the cats told us that he found a chipmunk's head on the basement steps. Craig said - wow, the cats really do do something useful! And I said - you know what, it could have been Cody (our dog). Craig smiled that smile he does when he knows he's got me and said "he was in Tennessee with us - but hey maybe he drove home one night when we were sleeping". 

I read a small book/pamphlet this weekend about the underground railroad that was the mechanism for slaves to escape from the south and travel north. There are tons of places in Ohio associated with it and a new Freedom Museum in Cincinnati. After reading it I said to Craig that I didn't realise that "railroad" was a pseudonym for homes and roads and people that helped the journey. I thought it was an actual railway, underground. I knew the second I said it that I had just without a doubt let him know that I'm a big thicko AND he didn't even laugh. He just looked at me with pity.


mountainear said…
Re the Railroad - you and me both Pam. I thought that for a long time.
Pam said…
Hi Mountainear: Good, not just me then :-)

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