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Craig's mum and dad got here on Thursday night. They are staying with us for a while on their holidays. As usual, they brought a suitcase full of English chocolate so I'll have to have willpower of steel not to eat it all. I'm not doing too great so far. Damn those curly wurlys.

It is so nice to have family here who love to play with the kids. It feels weird to have them playing with someone else and demanding someone else's time but it's great that I can do some housework without doing it at breakneck speed with one eye constantly on the kids. Imagine having family support all the time - must be heaven!  Jack is so excited to have them here it's lovely to see.  We aren't sure yet where we are going while they are here but we'll make sure they have a great time. They've done 16 states so far and it would be great to do more but it's hard to  take them somewhere interesting without driving 500 miles to get there. 

The game today was brilliant! To honor the Navy team, all the fans cheered them when they ran onto the field, which they did at the same time as the Buckeyes.  There was a moments silence for soldiers & the national anthem and then three fighter jets flew low over the stadium. All the hairs on my arm stood on end and I got a bit choked up. I have got really sentimental in my old age.

One of the highlights of the day was seeing John Glenn when he dotted the "I" during script Ohio. In my book, this man is up there with Sir Edmund Hilary and Chuck Yeager and Sir Ernest Shackleton, so I'm absolutely chuffed that I saw him. He had his wife Annie with him and they were laughing and joking with one another which is so sweet. 


Clippy Mat said…
cury wurlys yum yum. my ma in law arrived the other day and for the first time ever was forbidden to bring chocolate. she actually had room for her clothes this time. imagine that!
great video and what an atmosphere.
Expat mum said…
I brought Roses and a huge slab of Dairy Milk back the other day. They are currently in the pantry with a big "Get off" post it on the front!
Lovely for you all to have family visiting. It made me quite emotional to read it as it made me realise how much I miss my family in Australia. Have a great time! A x

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