The Peacekeeper

It was lunchtime at day-care and Jack was sat between Sophia and Ava, two of his closest friends. Sophia and Ava were arguing and bickering back and forth, back and forth.

Finally, Ava retorted "Sophia - I don't like your attitude!" and Jack looked at her and said "you don't like applesauce?" and everybody cracked up laughing.

I think my boy should work for the UN


Fredsueand me said…
good lad he already has the right attitude towards female non-sense, i bet i know who he gets that from.

hope your all well mrs we need to skype soon eh. email me some weekend times your free, will try and get a time when noah is up so the boys can chat.
Ttfn x x x
Kelsey said…
Aw- that's a sweet story!
Pam said…
Hiya Lee! Would love to Skype soon. Dot & Harry arrived last night for 3 weeks so we'll be a bit nuts. Give a big squeeze to Sue & Noah xxx

Hey Kelsey, I like to read your Harper stories - they are always heart-warming.

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