Ready to Cheer for our Boys

I am like a cat on a hot tin roof and can't concentrate at all. The reason for my excitement is that Buckeye Football starts tomorrow. They play Navy at noon.

When I lived in England I never watched American football because it just looked so boooooring and the way they stop and start all the time looked annoying and confusing. I think I can speak for 99% of the population when I say that American football is not part of the average Brit's viewing pleasure.

BUT if you go to a game, and especially in Ohio Stadium, then you love it.

The game is fascinating, really it truly is. It's very strategic, like a military operation. It isn't fast paced like real football (soccer) but I would say it's a cross between rugby and chess. But a bit more aggressive. With lots more players. You get the drift.

You would have to be numb not to feel the emotion and the patriotism when the Army raises the American flag and people stand, hand on heart, to sing their national anthem before each game

The Best Damn Band in the Land might do script Ohio

Sometimes (like tomorrow!) really cool things happen, like military jet fly-overs

Sitting in one place with 105,000 like-minded people is just great. The singing, the chanting, the Mexican waves, the banter.

At the end of the day, the players are not professional athletes being paid big money, they are students from The Ohio State University. Our students and we love them.


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