Lovely Marietta

Last Friday we went to the Marietta Sternwheel Festival in south-east Ohio. There were about 30 paddle boats there and one of them was set up as a stage for a band so people were sat on the riverbank listening to the music and enjoying the magnificent view of the Ohio River.

We went for a ride on one of the boats and had a shufty around the little shops. They also had a bit of fair stuff, including bouncy castles, which amused Jack to no end. I could watch him play on that stuff all day, screeching with delight and shouting "look at me mama!" as he throws himself head first down a big bouncy slope. Sheer joy.

Marietta is lovely. It has a gorgeous college campus and historic brick buildings that date back to 1788. It's the oldest town in Ohio I think. The river is still used by huge barges that carry coal and other supplies, but like most of Appalachian Ohio, the town is having some hard times right now.
Harry in his Manchester United FC shirt. They brought one for Jack & Danny too but Danny is my little Everton boy, so I told them he'll wear it but I had my fingers crossed at the time.

Craig and Danny. Two peas in a pod.



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