Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Getting me a Cat Muff!

I had thought that Danny's pre-school might be getting better but it isn't really. Today he cried his little heart out when I left and kept saying "I want you mama! Don't leave!" It was heartbreaking. The teachers are obviously used to it and trying to get me to leave quickly but it all feels a little cold. One of them said to me "Shut the door on the way out" which was a bit uncalled for as I don't think we'd been in the class room for more than 3 minutes. I must remember to scowl at her next time we go.

When I picked him up I was told that he had an ok morning but didn't interact with the teachers or kids at all. At reading time he sat by himself and at snack time he was on his own. She said he likes to have a choice and then go be by himself. That just breaks my heart. It also makes me a little mad since the whole point of pre-k is to gradually introduce him to social situations and I don't like the idea of giving him a choice to go and be by himself. We're only two weeks into this though so I obviously have to give it more time.

Jack has play-dates with school friends tomorrow and their mums are coming. Yea! More people I don't know to entertain. Sigh. And the forecast says rain so that's 6 kids and 2 adults in the house with me for at least an hour. Please let the kids be nice. I've had my fill of non-disciplined kids this last couple of weeks. I have taken to boycotting the local parks now & again just to give my blood pressure a rest because the parents drive me nuts. I met a history professor (from England actually) that was complaining to me that his son slapped a girl and her mum discliplined him. He thought that the mum was out of line but he gave up looking for sympathy when he saw my face.

This would all be much more tolerable if I had a glass of wine in hand right now but I'm off the wine for now - trying to be healthy. Health"ier" I should say since I just ate a tube of Smarties after dinner (thanks English family!)

And the cat, Tutz, continues to poo in odd places. Basement windowsill today. That's 4 times in the last week. I'm going to cut her nails, groom her, clean out her litter tray and try to pay her more attention and if that doesn't work then I might just have to send her away and have her made into a nice muff for winter.

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