Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Fast Cars & Candy

I've been listening to Christmas music now for about a week, mainly in the kitchen and the car, and we've got the tree up and the decorations. We still have outside lights and presents to conquer though. Both of those things are weighing on me. Still, let's bring on the music and all that comes with the season! I love it all I really do.
The boys are beside themselves with anticipation and asking Santa (us) for :
"A bow and 5 arrows and a quiver" like one of his heroes in the film Narnia (Jack)
"Fast cars and candy canes", like a young Hugh Hefner! (Danny)

Jack asked me yesterday if the Grinch was real (he loves him but is scared too) and I said No!
Then he asked me earnestly if Santa was real and I said Yes! Absolutely YES! (Let this little dream last as long as it can please). My first lie. It felt good and I'm sure there's plenty more on the horizon.

Last night I got home very late so didn't see the boys until this morning when Jack came running into my bedroom, asking where I had been. When I told him that I had been at a posh banquet he whispered "oh! Did you look beautiful mama?" and my heart imploded and I died right there on my bedroom carpet. Please don't grow up any more Jack.

Our first Christmas concert will be at Danny's school next week and I am on hooks. If he refuses to tidy up toys and goes bonkers about putting his coat on what on earth will he do when asked to perform in the church? Lordy Lordy. It's a mixture of dread, anticipation and excitement.
I keep thinking of a line Mountainear (fabulous blogger, mother of boys, including one called Daniel) said when my Daniel was born. She mentioned a religious topic called "Dare to be Daniel" and while I'm not into organized religion at all I do think that line describes his persona pretty well.

This is one of my favourite Christmas songs (But ohhh, I have many):

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