A Festive Few Days

It's been a very festive few days. First I had Danny's Christmas concert at school and he did great. I prepared him as best as I could and his teacher was ready to be with him. He didn't really sing but by the end of it he was clapping and as you can see he was very excited.
On Thursday night & yesterday I volunteered with the PTA at Jack's holiday shop at school. The kids all came into the gym and bought gifts for their families (the PTA had been out and bought loads of gifts to stock the shop). It was wonderful and really got me in the Christmas mood. To see how excited the kids were and to be able to interact with them all was just magical. And knackering! I was totally done-in last night and could have gone to bed at 7pm.

But we dragged the kids out to Columbus Commons instead for the holiday fair. It was okay but I probably wouldn't go again because it was far too cold to enjoy it. Jack had a good time though and ran into a couple of his school friends down there.

He really liked feeding the goats in the petting zoo..

Today I spent 5 hours cleaning my house and trying to catch up on laundry, all the while telling the boys to clear off and get from under my feet. I wish I had a cleaner woman just once a month to come and help me because I can't cope, but it seems like something a posh lady would have and not a working class woman from Liverpool. That would be like a "fur coat and no knickers" as my mum would say.

This afternoon some friends came over to bake & decorate Christmas cookies and that was good fun. We hadn't seen them for a few months so it was great to catch-up and talk about school and kid stuff. Makes me feel like I'm in good company and perhaps not as crazy as I feel sometimes.

Tomorrow I have a kids birthday and at some point I need to go shopping for the kids presents because it's back to work on Monday. Last Wednesday when I knew I had two vacation days and a weekend ahead of me I thought I'd get so much more done.
Where does the leisure time go?


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