Making the Most of the Magic

Tonight we loaded the boys up in the minivan and took them to an outdoor light show at a local state park. As a treat we let them hang out in the back of the van with their duvets and pillows, rather than strapped in their seats. Half-way around the park I had a panic attack that Danny would somehow get the back door unhooked and go rolling out, but of course he didn't!

The boys loved it and found the whole thing magical, especially when we put the Santa CD on with a personal message. Danny's just a bit bewildered with it all but Jack totally believes it all and gasps in shock when Santa talks to him. I feel like this might be Jack's most magical time for Christmas so I'm trying to make it as good as I can for him.

When we got back the four of us slouched on the couch with all the lights off except for the tree and we watched The Grinch again. Danny loves the Grinch and even sings the song. At bedtime Jack said "5 days till Christmas now Mama?" and looked like the wait might just kill him.

I, on the other hand, am having a great time with all this. Can you tell?


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