Ta-tas & a bit of Ornithology

Craig went back to work today which was a bit sad. Not just because it felt like the end of Christmas but because I knew I had the boys on my own - arghhhhh! Only kidding. It wasn't too bad and I only needed two hours on my own tonight in Target to recuperate once Craig got home. I didn't see any breast-feeding mommies in Target - not sure if they did the sit-in thing in my local shop or not. I was glad to see them taking a stand, especially since the woman was originally sat in a quiet part of the store with a blanket. She wasn't exactly standing at the checkout shaking her ta-tas. Shame on the people that harassed her.

Anyway, me and the boys had a good day. I got to do a smidgen of housework and then later they got to have fun at a local play place/cafe. At the cafe I got to chat with a local mum that's thinking of sending her kids to our Jack's school so I tried to do the big sell. I love Jack's school I really do.

Tomorrow I'm going to run a few errands with the boys but I think I have a cunning plan to stop them from being a nightmare while I'm shopping. I'm not going to say what it is though as it might back-fire horribly in my face.

As a bit of a side-bar, I saw 3 lovely birds in my garden this morning. I'm used to seeing the Cardinals and Chickadees but it took me a while to identify the Titmouse. I believe they travel with the Chickadees so that makes me fairly certain. I did not take these pictures by the way (thank you Google images).

The Cardinal (State bird of Ohio)

The Titmouse

The Chickadee


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