Twas the Night Before Christmas

Today I actually feel like I'm READY! Yea! Everything is done, even my neighbour's awesome tree (photo later).

As Craig and I gazed at all the wrapped presents hidden in the back of his car in the garage last night I finally felt relaxed. I also thought that maybe buying your kid the Lego Star Wars Death Star ($400) doesn't sound so bad now that I see all the booty we bought the kids. Craig, in his infinite wisdom, said "Let's not worry about the money. This is a magical time. When they are older we won't buy them as much." Mmmm, not sure I believe that.

Jack, as I have said before, asked for a bow with five arrows in a quiver. I'm really proud of the quiver I semi-made (with a little help from the local outdoor shop). It even has his name on it. It did require the complete destruction of a handbag that I loved but my sacrifice will be worth it in the morning when he sees it.

I got all my housework done yesterday so that today I can just enjoy spending time with the boys. I don't get to do that very often as all my "leisure" time is typically spent trying to make my house look clean and catching up on ten loads of laundry. And Danny needs a bit of TLC. Last night he got whacked in the face with a ping-pong bat courtesy of older brother, then he fell off my bed (the story "Five Little Monkeys" could have been written especially for Daniel) and then he accidentally head-butted me when I put him to bed. Maybe I should have bought a helmet for him instead of his Spongebob & Patrick racetrack.

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you have a wonderful time with family and friends and that you feel loved and happy this season. x


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