Santa Visit 2011

I love all the hoopla of Christmas. Right after Craig's birthday we buy the tree and start to do some of our traditional things. I've also had Christmas music on the radio in my car and the kitchen but I think it's driving Craig a bit nuts as he keeps switching it back to NPR. Personally I think I get to work in a much better mood after listening to Jingle Bells than I do after listening to an in-depth discussion on the state of the economy. I've also realised that I enjoy the build up the the 25th just as much as the event itself, so I'm doing my best not to get too stressed out about mailing presents and other tasks.

We've already watched Frosty and Elf & Polar Express and this past week Craig took Jack to see the new Muppets film and they both came home singing "manamana doo doo de doo doo". It felt odd to hear Jack singing a song that I used to sing as a kid!

My neighbour has started to put the lights on his mammoth tree. I cringe watching him teetering at the top of a big ladder with a long pole, trying to get the lights up there. I'm sure all the neighbours breathed a collective sigh of relief when this thing showed up to help ...

Today we took the boys to see Santa at our usual place. It was really busy and we had to queue for an hour and I had to remove Danny and take him around the corner for a time-out at one point. He kept pulling his woolly hat down over his eyes and banging into people among other things. In his defense, having to queue for an hour surrounded by breakable ornaments is not the best scenario for a two-year-old.

They had a guy there doing ice sculptures and they give out free food and carriage rides.

Jack had written his letter to Santa and took it with him to personally hand it to the big guy.

Jack was mesmerised by him and loved every minute. We prepared Danny as much as possible as he hates new situations and I think that really helped. He still didn't want to sit near him but he did chat with him a bit and said 'Thank you Santa!" as were were leaving. That's the key I think - to prepare him ahead of time. No surprises for Daniel!

So it's back to normal tomorrow for a few days, although I am still ill and Craig has man flu. Starting Wednesday we'll have school concerts and parties and all kinds of thing leading up to the big day. Tis the season to be jolly!


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