Bucks & Dexter

It's a big week for our family this week. I will be going to California and leaving Craig and friends to rally and make sure all goes smooth with school and pre-k. I have the best neighbours in the world I have to say. Craig's in a cheery mood though. After 5 years of hunting he got his first deer yesterday with his muzzle-loader. A 9-point buck as well! He was in shock I think, then on an adrenaline rush and then he crashed when he got home. The deer is currently at the butcher being made into burgers, steaks and sausages for us. I am excited to see how much meat we get.

At some point we are going to go for a ramble again today. We've been trying to get the lads out each weekend for a hike or ramble through the countryside and it's been amazing that we could. Normally we'd have snow and ice cover by now but yesterday was 48 degrees F and sunny. I do hope I don't bump into Hayden again today though. Hayden is a kid (5 maybe) who we met yesterday. After he had hassled Jack and kicked Danny in the face at the park's play-set I finally told him off (I have a rule that I don't discipline other people's kids unless they hurt mine, then it's fair game I reckon) and the little s**t looked at me and said "You're not in charge of me". Thankfully his aunt heard him and sent him off for his fifth time-out of the afternoon. I had several dealings with that boy and by the end of it was ready to throttle both him and his family. He was a serial killer in the making. Be torturing animals before he's eight probably.

Talking of serial killers, we are both obsessed with Dexter. After several friends convinced us how great the series was we have plunged in and are trying to catch up on six series. We are up to Series 2, episode 7 right now and completely loving it. So if you love a well-written and enthralling telly program then give it a try. He's a serial killer but he only kills the bad ones so that's ok :-)


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