Countdown to Three

Today at pre-school they made a big fuss of Danny and sang him Happy Birthday. When I picked him up he was wearing his green paper crown and he's been wearing it all day. He's grasping the fact that it's his time to shine and he's starting to like it. Course he's still telling me that he's going to be five and all he wants is a Mario cake.

It's been a bugger of a week at work so we have nothing done yet. Tomorrow night we'll be making his cake and I found a great Lightning McQueen tent that we can set up in the front room for him on Saturday morning. No party this year but we'll make a bit fuss of him and he's got all kinds of things lined up for Saturday with his friends.

It's been a different scenario for me with Danny. I'm used to Jack, who wants to have fun and be social and get involved. I've had to ease Danny into all of this and hope that he doesn't go ballistic. This morning, when his teacher showed me the special birthday chair equipped with a balloon I thought "oh Lordy, he's going to bolt from that thing and go nuts if they make him sit back down". Turns out I was wrong and he loved it.
Good for you my love.


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