Losing Marbles at a Rapid Rate

A common remark when I state that I waited till I was older to have kids is that it must be much better than having them young, but I think I've stated before that it's got its equal share of issues, like not being able to crawl around on your knees to play horsey for one. Well another is that we completely lose our marbles after about 40.

For example, when I picked Danny up from pre-k yesterday he had wet pants and when I asked the teacher why she was quite taken-aback and said "he's used the potty twice so I don't know why" When I got him home I discovered that Craig had sent him to school in a swimming diaper.

And in the last 24 hours we've lost my cars keys and Jack's lunch bag

And I have started to get their names mixed up with the pet's names, though not the fish yet thankfully. That would be embarrassing wouldn't it, calling my firstborn the same name as his pet snail Gary. I'm really not too worried yet, especially because all my friends appear to be having the same stories to tell. Going nuts isn't too bad when you're in good company is it.


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