Indifferent to Independent in a Day!

Potty training has been hit and miss to say the least. If I'm persistent I can eventually get him to go, under duress. It can be so draining that I have been a total defeatist and used diapers all over Christmas. Our babysitter makes him go hourly and is so organized about the whole thing that I felt guilty letting it slip over the holidays, but I also didn't want to have to watch lovely festive movies on a couch smelling of old man's underpants after he'd peed on it for the 4th time. Linda is also doubly motivated because lets be honest, changing somebody else's kid's undies, no matter how much you like that kid, is still gross. So anyway, seeing as I let it slide I have been surprised the last two days how well Linda has said that he's done. Then today he decided that he'd go from fighting me on potty training to being Mr. Independent. He came running into the front room while I was eating dinner and said 'I need to go potty!" and so I trudged off to the bathroom after him. When I got there he'd removed his pants, was sitting on the potty and said "Leave the room mama I need to pee!" WTF? Last week he was running around oblivious to everything going on down there and now he's ordering me from the room? Unbelievable! The boy that has never let me feed him is now going to ban me from potty training. I should feel glad I suppose but I feel a bit miffed and told him so. "No" I said "I will not leave - I'm your mum and I want to see you pee!" And yes I'm quite aware how stupid that reasoning sounds.


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