Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome Ben!

After work today we took Cody to the dog pound to meet Ben. I know I said we were going to call him Luke because Jack named him after Luke Skywalker (and also his cousin is called Luke and he's all excited to see him this year), but there was a last-minute name change, so Ben it is.

Cody & Ben got on great but then Ben is so scared of everything and Cody is so passive that it would take a big plate of bacon and a smokin' hot poodle to get these two fighting.

Jack wants Ben to be his dog and so far is being a good friend. I got excited about that for about an hour but then Jack turned to his Nintendo DS and lost a bit of interest. Mmm.

Tonight has been great. After a small accident Ben seems to be house-trained and he's as loyal as can be, but just now, when I want to go to bed, he tried to chew the coffee table. I haven't seen those kind of shenanigans since my lads were teething. I have a feeling that this coffee table will be destroyed by March. Cody chewed all of my shoes the first 6 months he lived with us. Must be a dog thing.

Right then. Off to Bedfordshire and let's hope my living room furniture and cat are alive at 7am ....

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