Playing Catch-up at 1020

I missed making a big deal about my 1,000th blog post, which I intended to do but forgot & now I'm at 1020. Aspirations of doing a review of my blog from the last 7 years went to that part of my brain that stores my would-like-to-do list, which includes house DIY projects, doctor's visits, an oil change and sorting though Danny's underwear drawer (there really is no need to keep baby socks in there anymore since he has feet marginally smaller than Craig's). There's just not enough hours in a day, especially when both boys want my undivided attention and willingness to play at the drop of a hat. I do wish they'd play together instead of always individually wanting me to play with them. Must work on that.

Job-wise it's been an interesting two weeks. First I had a fabulous time at a conference in Long Beach, California and felt really good, then I came back to Ohio with a thud. My job will be changing and taking on a whole host of new challenges that I found out about at the end of this week. I'm going to look at it as a challenge and try to remind myself that I have a job and there are thousands of people worse off than me. The median house price in Detroit is currently $7,500 for heaven's sake.

Anyway, trying to keep things a bit more cheery, Craig and the boys are doing great and we finally got some snow for the boys to play in...

And it's Danny's birthday week! He'll be 3 next weekend so I hope to make this a special week for him. It's hard to make it as super-duper as Jack's birthday when he has all the 4th of July stuff going on, including fireworks and 80 degree weather, but I have ordered Danny a much coveted SuperWhy tee-shirt with attachable cape that I know will go down a storm. We'll probably take him to an indoor play-place that he feels comfortable with, since he's not keen on new things. I asked him if he'd like to go to Disneyland & Mickey Mouse's house next year with me (I'll be in Daytona Beach for a conference) and he furrowed his little brow and said "no, I want to stay here". In contrast, Jack was jumping on his bed shouting yes yes yes!!!

So let the celebrations begin little man! This week it's all about you.


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